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Log Home for sale, property and log kits for sale

Bull Valley IL Foreclosure log home. $965,000  $Sold
9405 Florence Ct. Bull Valley IL 60098 map
Log home for sale 9405 Florence Ct. Bull Valley IL 60098
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Log homes IL

We are holding a detail estimate for the repairs and finishing to a

ready-to- move in state.

The necessary work to complete and/or install is:

Permit and other inspections to obtain the occupancy permit.

1.       Outside stain and caulk railings included.

2.       Kitchen cabinets, sink, faucet, and granite counter top.

3.       Finish and repair two bathrooms. 5x5 Jacuzzi. Marble & ceramic tile. Vanities with sinks and faucets.

4.       Finish and repair electric work. Install light fixtures, fuses, switches and outlets.

5.       Finish and repair plumbing.

6.       Finish and repair hardwood floors.

7.       Finish and repair all walls and ceilings.

8.       Logs saddling maintenance and caulk- interior.

9.       Replace damage drywall and insulation.

10.   Repair septic system.

11.   Two new outside doors and repair one patio door.

12.   Install missing interior doors, locks and trim.

13.   HVAC and water heater all new.

Price includes standard/brand name material: $43,500.00

For allowance and detail estimate, contact us at 866 466 3629 or chicago@dreamloghome.com  - ask for Robert.

No landscape or driveway work included within the price.

The pound show on Google map is part of the property. Link is on top of the page.

The main structure of the log home was billed by professional certify builder!

Please visit this web page more often for new info.

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